Poetics is a major research subject in the field of literature. It refers to the study and theorization of literary creation. It also extends to all other artistic practices. There are as many possibilities of presenting these experiences in literature as in video games. The idea of this project is not to focus on a specific method of presenting a poetic form or experience, but to spark a conversation that focuses on recreating traditional poetry which is deeply tied to cultural context. It is also a study on representing the creator’s style.

The initiating idea is to transform the ideas and aesthetics from ancient Chinese poetry into a VR experience that can result in a different outcome of the visual environment by the player/visitor’s actions. As their body movement will guide by the gameplay (interaction system), thus making theatric performance for viewers waiting or passing by the installation. The idea is to use techniques and understandings of different mediums to overcome the language and cultural barriers in a Virtual Reality environment and reinforce the original literature experience to create new forms of interactions, plays or performances.